presidents' message

Message from Our President

I am happy to inform to all parents of Parents Community of Odisha that, OPAF (Organisation of Parent Associations' Forum) has been formed with effect from 2017 taking all Registered / Under Registration Parent Associations of different CBSE and ICSE private Public   Schools   of   Odisha   in colaboration with National Parents Federation Forum to serve as a general advocate for the Patents body and facilitated communication between parents and the schools through general members meetings. The OPAF will hold its general meeting for all members minimum three times per year.

The OPAF is a nonprofit self directed group of concern and daring parents. It’s anyone whose child or children attend the Private Public School Parents Association as an OPAF member. The group (OPAF) was established as a means to focus the energies of our Parents into a COHESIVE Body that can work together to provide supplemental, educational materials and service for our schools. We accomplish this through fund raisers and special activities. What a perfect way to send your child the message that he / she matters and so does schools.

The success of our Parents Associations (OPAF) depends on Parents Support and involvement, as it is an organisation that works solely based on volunteers. Most of our Parents are working Moms and Dads, so we understand a busy schedule as well as anybody. But we each contribute what we can. When we can! There are many opportunity that take just a few minutes a month to some that are more challenging or require work only during a particular season. We promise never to expect more that you can do. So come on our and join us. We have fun, make new friends and have a great chance to feel good about the time we spend helping our children with the education. We meet once a month and we provide free on-site child care in familiar surroundings with friends they know from school!

I hope Parents will united & support each other and strengthen OPAF,an ORGANISATION, leaders for their Advocate ship for the interest of Parents community for better education of our child with timely safety and securities as well as the all round development of the Schools by extending the Parents cooperation through school fees in a reasonable and afordable rates.


Dr. Gagan Bihari Rout
President, OPAF